Do You Want Your Own Private Cloud For Desktop Virtualization?
Discover FlexVPC: A Data Center In A Box With No Setup Costs

Who Are FlexVPC?

FlexVPC’s aim is to build the largest Private Cloud network in the world focused to Small and Medium organizations.
FlexVPC is a global Private Cloud as-a-Service enabler with the goal to provide secure, cost-effective and simplified Cloud services to its customers with outstanding personalized support.

The FlexVPC Private Cloud as a Service model, delivered locally, by skilled local IT professionals, bridges the concerns of so many organizations.
– Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and planned Labs in USA and Asia Pacific soon, Fortress Cloud’s C Level Management counts with a combined experience of over 90 years in IT Services.

What Is FlexVPC?

FlexVPC is a turnkey cloud platform in a box, designed and built, tested and supported to demanding standards.  FlexVPC can replace most, if not all, of your existing IT server infrastructure and create numerous savings in time, money and space ; At the same time giving you greater technical flexibility to facilitate  your organisation to be more agile and better able to react to a changing world.

FlexVPC gives your business the ability to benefit from cloud technology directly on your fast in-house network, without requiring the expertise to maintain and support the underlying technology. From this solid base, existing servers will be recreated in your private cloud and you’ll start saving and enjoying the many benefits of virtualisation in the cloud.

System integrators and designers can use FlexPVC to provide a robust platform to support a wide range of requirements fast, with confidence, and without introducing hardware and licencing costs to the project.

The cloud approach to IT infrastructure  is many times quicker, more economical, flexible, scalable, and stable.  The savings, efficiencies and benefits really do stack up; This is why there is a current trend to move to cloud technologies.  With our help and our products and services, your move to the cloud will deliver rapid and tangible business advantages.

Choose Your Machine
The Promise
  • Lower Costs – No Upfront Costs And Significantly Cheaper Than Direct Competitors
  • Limitless Scalability – Scale Your Infrastructure Predictably
  • Small Footprint – Over 50% Reduction In Power, Cooling And Space
  • Reliable – Tier 2+ Minimum
  • Secure – Hardware And Software Firewalls Built In
  • Docker ready and with Content Delivery Network License Included
  • Time For IT innovation – Free Your IT Resources
  • Fast Time To Value – Rapid Deployment

How Does FlexVPC Work?
FlexVPC At A Glance ...............
Personalized Support

In difference to Public cloud, we don’t expect you to figure out how to migrate to the Cloud or deploy new Services in the Cloud: our team of experts will analyze your needs and help you in providing you a complete end to end service to migrate from your legacy systems to Private Cloud.

We can customize any needs and project (DRaaS, SaaS,…).

In difference to Public Clouds, you are not just a ticket, but you will contact and deal directly with professionals who will listen to your needs, and propose and implement the right fixes and solutions straight away.

Support available 24×7, 15 min. response, with human interface.

Highly Secure

Restricted platform access to previously registered known IP devices (prevents attacks and unauthorized access). Hosted or On-Premise platform available. 256 bits encrypted password and dedicated VPN assignment to each user. 4 layers of security passwords built-in to protect against automated attacks. Internal Vyatta software built-in firewall.

External proprietary FlexV-Wall: virtualized firewall allows each FlexVPC customer to set up its their own private security rules and tunnel data packets exclusively to its own VMs with no risk.


Tier 2+ or 3 Platform. VM constantly backed up. State of the art Cloud technology. Instant redundant VMs available (optional).

Highly resilient infrastructure with backup systems, power and communications. Very robust platform extensively tested at Dell. 15 min. 24×7 support.

Flexible and scalable

FlexVPC can host any Virtual Machine in any Linux, Windows Operating System and others. Over 200 OS versions compatible for migration and conversion of traditional servers to VMs.

Compatible with multiple Virtualization software products:  KVM, VM WARE, Hyper-V  MSFT, XEN.

User-friendly portal allows any user to scale up any resources or services immediately. Flexible infrastructure, with enough capacity that can be expanded rapidly.

Green IT

Virtualization and Cloud provide very high energy efficiency. Energy Star Server. Allows compliance with demanding ISO 14000 CO2 reduction goals.

Cost effective

Understandable, simple and clear pricing structure. Approx. 70% lower than physical servers and lower in price than Public Cloud providers (on a like for like basis).

Mainly designed for Dedicated Virtual Machines, although possibility to manage shared VMs too. Performance guaranteed: CPU frequency, Memory and Storage, specifically for your private use. Privacy ensured by V-LAN and data tunnelling for each user.

You are under control, always: FlexPro Provisioning and Billing portal allows you to monitor your resources, state of accounts , ticketing status, etc at any time.

The Products In Detail



The FlexVPC Compact 28VM is an all in one platform. It integrates all hardware functions (Control panel, Hypervisor and Back-Up) and software to provide Virtualization and Cloud Services. The Compact 28VM is a very cost effective solution, ideal for small and medium System Integrators that want to start offering Private Cloud Services at a very competitive cost. This is also a great solution for in-house Private Cloud Virtualization applications. The compact 28VM is a true Plug and Play Private Cloud Appliance.


The FlexVPC Entry 36VM is a true Plug & Play, Scalable private cloud platform that enables you to start offering Virtualization and Private Cloud Services instantly and free of any upfront investment as it is supplied as a service. The FlexVPC 36VM Virtualization and Private Cloud Platform includes all Hardware (especially customized for FlexVPC by DELL) and software. The FlexVPC Entry 36VM platform comes in a 19″ stand-alone chassis that can even be placed in your office space without special air conditioning requirements.


The FlexVPC Starter 80VM allows you to become a private cloud provider instantly,  It is a state-of-the-art Tier 2+ Plug & Play Cloud Platform and it is supplied as a service so it’s free of install costs.

FlexVPCThe FlexVPC ENTERPRISE 160, 240, 320, 400 up to 20.000 VM helps larger organizations deploy private cloud instantly and free of any setup fees with this state of the art Tier 2+ Plug & Play Cloud Platform.

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